Hoa Binh Unique Culture

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Hoa Binh culture is a multinational culture. In which, Muong group accounts for over 60% of the population. Muong culture and other hill-tribe minorities’ ones have gathered and created special characteristics of Hoa Binh culture.

All of the bronze drums which are discovered in Hoa Binh province up to this day are 112 ones. In the past, people really respected bronze drum. It is used as either a tool or a musical instrument and is mostly used in important ceremonies, such as worship Gods, harvest festivals, praying for rain festivals, summer festivals or funerals. Bronze drum represents for power and wealth. The sound of the drum is a great encouragement for soldiers to protect the country when the war began. Moreover, people also buried it with the dead people. As a result, bronze drum contains greatly social and religious values.

Gongs are traditional musical instruments in these hill-tribe minorities. They are used in all kinds of daily activities, such as weddings, funerals, hunting or house-warmings. Especially in spring festivals, there are usually groups of people coming to each house playing gongs as a best wish for a new year to the hosts.

Muong people usually live in stilt houses. In Muong cuisine, old people ate steamed rice and drank stem wine. The costumes of women are extremely special and sexy. Particularly, the embroideries on women’s dress hem and belt are considerably delicate patterns that simulate the patterns on the surface of Dong Son bronze drum.

Thai people in Hoa Binh also live in stilt houses but with a larger size and better organized. The costumes of Thai people are relatively diversified and unique which are decorated with lots of patterns of nature, such as plants, sun or animals. Furthermore, the dress hem and belt and Pieu tower are other perfect arts.

In addition, Thai people have lots of festivals with special characteristics such as weddings, harvest festivals, fan dances or folk-dances. If you have a chance to visit Thai’s village and can enjoy the taste of steamed fishes and bitter bamboo shoots, it can be considered that you are a distinguished visitor. For a long time, some of the Thai villages in Mai Chau have attracted and impressed any tourist coming here for its magnificent beauty of nature with many diversified and unique Thai habits of daily activities.

Conventionally, H’Mong people live on the top of high mountains. The costumes of H’Mong people have many strange patterns. One of the most interesting customs of H’Mong men is “bắt vợ” (catching wife) which is also a way to increase the value of women. Besides, H’Mong people are also the ones invented a tradition game called “cù quay” which attracts lots of people to play. The sound of bamboo flute and dances along this sound contains lots of unique features and shapes of feelings. Bamboo flute is confidant of H’Mong people which has a great effect on their customs and lifestyle.